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This part you can't do on your own. It needs to be done by a qualified service company. Once you know your system works right, you can help it continue to do so.

Keep your HVAC system condenser clear by keeping grass and trash away. Make sure the unit is off any time you trim the grass and get rid of any excess grass before turning it back on. If someone takes care of the yard work for you, make sure they understand how to do this.

What you can do on your own to keep your HVAC system in top shape

Clean your coils every 60-90 days. Make sure your system is turned off at the breaker or disconnect and use a hose to clear dirt and debris from the coil. Make sure the thermostat is off before turning the power off. Be careful when using a nozzle and aim the water jet to the coils' sides to avoid an air blockage. Always spray right into the coil. The system must be dry before turning it back on.

A dirty filter is probably the number one reason A/C systems go bad. It can either cause a system to freeze or not cool properly, as well as create mildew on the grilles.

While there isn't a lot of DIY work you can do on a furnace, you can make sure the burner section is clear of rust and dust. Use a shop vac with a small nozzle to clean both the burner channels and exchanger tubes. If your furnace is an older model and has a pilot, turn off the gas first and be careful not to pull out any wires before you clean.

While you can't oil the motors on most modern furnaces, if your condenser or furnace is older, it likely has oil ports that should be oiled every three months. You'll find these oil ports on top of the case.

Keep your thermostat clean and free from dust. Remember that the hole in the wall behind the thermostat is like a small vacuum cleaner and will suck dust into your controls, causing possible problems in the long run. Keep the area free of dust if it's located on the wall where your return air is.

Pay close attention to the sounds that come from your system. When you catch a problem early due to sounds, it can help save a ton of money. If you hear odd sounds, don't hesitate to call an honest service provider to get your questions answered.

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Make sure your system is working properly

Trim your grass and remove your trash

Keep your coils clean

Clean and change those filters

Clear dust and debris from your furnace

Upkeep on the oil motors

Keep a dust-free thermostat

Listen for unusual noises

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